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To instill the knowledge and desire that people prosper and are healthy in all aspects of their lives as they are strong in spirit. 3 John 1:2


Prosper and Be in Health, Inc. (PBIH) – Will partner with individuals, local and International Ministries, World Health organizations, and NGO’s to develop industries that underwrite sustainable community development projects in Northwest Haiti.

Ti-Lagoon Project:

Prosper and Be in Health will facilitate the development of a “principle-based” business model that incorporates multiple industries that become the financing mechanisms for the development of the “New Eden Educational Complex” in Ti-Lagon, Haiti.  The complex will be under the administration of Living Waters Ministry of the Palm Beaches, located on their 620 acres of beautiful oceanfront property in northwestern Haiti. The complex will include housing, a K-12 school, occupational and business training center, school of seminary, retreat center, aquaculture, and a regional hospital. The videotape clip below was taped on the Living Water main campus in Ti-Lagon, Haiti. Ti-Lagon is between Baie-de-Henne and Anse-Rouge in northwest Haiti.



The Beauty of Haiti: Video Slideshow

Northwest Haiti is a tropical paradise with beautiful people, small fishing villages, and miles of scenic white sand beaches. Want to preserve Haiti’s beauty and make a difference? Individuals and ministries that posses the knowledge and resources to offer agriculture, aquaculture, education, housing development, medical training and various sustainable small business enterprises, will bring transformation to Haiti.



Northwest Haiti’s Needs/PBIH’s Solutions – To alleviate:

  • Poverty, malnutrition, illness and lack of healthcare providers & facilities
  • Infectious diseases that include cholera, malaria, HIV Aids, and parasites
  • Illiteracy – Few schools, life skills training centers, and no universities
  • Poor Economy – Lack of employment opportunities, jobs and industries
  • Homelessness – Lack of housing and good housing technology
  • Food Shortage – Agriculture and aquaculture training and technology


World Health Organization– After the 2010 Earthquake

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