1. Building Schools in Haiti

    At PBIH, we want to promote education in Haiti through the building of new schools with technology ensuring that children, families, and communities have the resources they need to succeed. The earthquake that occurred in 2010 left school buildings unsafe, yet children still attend classes there. Si…Read More

  2. Why Prosper and Be In Health, Inc.?

    WHY PBIH? In 2000  my wife, Danielle M. Esters, MD, and I were ordained into the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Israel under the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) based in Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Myles Munroe explained that our ordination included our gifting…Read More

  3. How Technology Can Help Haiti

    Many of us will wake up in the morning, grab our phones, and start checking Facebook or Twitter, check our email, and see what’s going on at our favorite online news site. We’ll go through the day working on computers, still checking our phones regularly for updates, and we’ll be talking on th…Read More

  4. Why Give? “Joy of Giving”

    Through Prosper and Be in Health, I have enjoyed giving, especially to youth and families in underserved communities like Anse Rouge, Haiti. But, I have often wondered about the reasons why philanthropists give. Please join me in taking a closer look at two extremely successful philanthropists, and …Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the Prosper and Be In Health, Inc. website! Stay tuned for more updates...…Read More