1. What to Donate Other Than Money

    Most people recognize that there are countries all over the world that are in need of help. Whether they need help with education or even just basic healthcare needs, there are hundreds of countries, families, men, women, and children who don’t have access to schools, hospitals, or even water. But…Read More

  2. Nutrition and Agriculture in Haiti

    If you’ve ever tried gardening, wherever you live and whether it was flowers or vegetables, you know the importance of having nutrient-rich soil. If the soil is dry, sandy, or has a high pH, it can be incredibly challenging to grow anything. Haiti especially has a challenging time growing food for…Read More

  3. Making a Difference in Haiti with S.T.E.A.M.

    The average Haitian, age 25 years or older, has less than 5 years of schooling. The literacy rate for women in Haiti is around 57 percent and the literacy rate for men is around 64 percent.  85 percent of Haitian students are educated by private schools that are run by non-governmental organization…Read More

  4. WHY HAITI? “A Cry for Help”

    WHY HAITI? “A Cry for Help” Fall 2004 It was just another beautiful tropical day in South Florida. I prayed, ate a light snack, and rushed off to the gym for an early-morning workout. Afterwards, while listening to the radio driving home, I was startled by a news broadcast. A jogger discovered s…Read More

  5. The new ARC School

    Why Anse Rouge Christian Secondary School

    During Prosper and Be In Health, Inc., (PBIH) ministry work in northwest Haiti, we discovered that our Anse Rouge Haitian students had been attending classes in a very dangerous condemned school building, severely damaged during the 2010 earthquake. What we also sadly discovered was that the majorit…Read More