How it all Works: A Remote Donation System. This is a process whereby we (National Christina Foundation) enable our partners (PBIH) to easily install their own technology donation system on their own website. The information is remotely published from theNCF servers and the donation is processed by our system as well.

How You Can Help: GIVE NOW

Wondering how you can help? Take a look:

A monthly gift.

A lot of times, it’s hard for people to make spur-of-the-moment donations because they haven’t had the opportunity to plan out their budget. A great many people budget their expenses by month, so it’s easier to allot a certain amount of money each month. These monthly donations might seem small, but even $10 a month can go a long way.

An annual gift.

Perhaps it’s easier to commit to one large gift at the beginning or end of the year than a smaller one each month. We welcome these gifts, as well. If we can count on your support every year, we would be so appreciative!


We always welcome volunteers. From yard cleanup to jewelry workshops, our volunteer opportunities are varied, and we try to cater each experience to our volunteers’ strengths and interests.

Sponsoring an event.

We are planning to have several fundraising events each year. These events wouldn’t be possible without the help of sponsors. We welcome the support of local sponsors to make these events happen!

A one-time donation.

If you want to make a donation but don’t think you can commit to a monthly or annual gift, we would be more than grateful for your gift. And we certainly hope you’ll consider us in the future, too!

Computer/technology donations.

We are building and supporting computer labs both locally and abroad. Having the technology we need in order to properly train our recipients (teachers & students) is crucial to being able to our organization and our mission. To view our current equipment needs and make a donation, click here.

Tax deductible Real Estate Donations.

Real Estate donations can provide you with highly beneficial tax results and allow you to achieve significant and important charitable goals that benefit those in need. (Please check with your tax professional):

A donation of real estate to Prosper and Be in Health, Inc. can reduce your tax burden and provide you with the benefit of savings that comes from relief of the maintenance of your property. You can also avoid capital gains tax on highly appreciated properties with your charitable donation of real estate.

For more information about any of these options, contact Frederick.