At PBIH, we want to promote education in Haiti through the building of new schools with technology ensuring that children, families, and communities have the resources they need to succeed. The earthquake that occurred in 2010 left school buildings unsafe, yet children still attend classes there. Since then, our educational non-profit has been working to build and maintain thirty-one schools in Northwestern Haiti.

We are passionate about helping youth, families and communities prosper, but we need help. Our organization is able to receive tax-deductible donations, devices and technology that can help build our schools and supply students with important equipment. A majority of schools in Haiti are managed by outside churches or other Haiti non-profit organizations, instead of the Haitian government. With consistent donations, we are confident that the schools we are working on will be up and continue to run in a more reliable and sustainable manner.

Here are some of the completed and in-progress projects.

Educational Non-Profit

ARC School in Anse Rouge

The small town of Anse Rouge is located in the Northwest region of Haiti, on the south side of the peninsula. The area is home to Anse Rouge Christian Secondary School (ARC). With the help of Food For the Poor, Inc., we successfully completed Phase I, the building of the new ARC Secondary School.

Phase II, the start of construction of the ARC Primary School is soon to begin. Primary students at ARC are still attending classes, but are meeting in an outdoor tent. We have hope that we can turn this situation around soon, so the primary students in the area can safely receive the education they need.

For Phase III, we are hoping to secure the necessary funding in order to provide high-speed Internet, and green solar energy power to support a new computer lab for our students. For the children in Northwestern Haiti to get the education and training they need, it’s imperative that they have access to new schools equipped with online resources. Technology like Internet, laptops and mobile phones can be incredibly beneficial for Haiti.

Importance of Educational Non-Profits in Haiti

According to an article by The World Bank, 200,000 children go without school and even though enrollment rates are going up, there are still obstacles in the way. Many of the schools in the country are privately run, which means that they often require tuition fees for students to attend. Other supplies are required as well, such as books and uniforms, making it incredibly challenging for children to get an education.

Some schools can participate in tuition waiver programs, which provide money and supplies to children. However, when the schools themselves are not safe for the children, it can still be difficult for them to attend. With the assistance of our educational non-profit, we are continuously trying to find the funding to continue building safe schools.

Prosper and Be In Health wants the children of Haiti to grow up and have successful lives. We understand it’s a long journey, but we are confident that we will be able to sustain and expand our effectiveness with continued support from fundraisers and your donations. If you want to learn more about our organization, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. And know that we truly appreciate all of the support we have received. Thank you.