In 2000  my wife, Danielle M. Esters, MD, and I were ordained into the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Israel under the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) based in Nassau, Bahamas.

Dr. Myles Munroe explained that our ordination included our gifting and calling in our profession in the marketplace. With over 15 years of work experience as a financial planner (and former TV producer), I felt a deeper calling on my life. My wife also felt a call beyond her 20 years of professional work as a physician.

By faith, we raised our level of giving (tithes and offering), and began to support more local churches and outreach ministries while also doing trade missions to the Caribbean and a medical missions trip to Africa. These outreach projects and mission trips had become a common, expected, part of our work, ministry, and overall lifestyle. We could no longer delineate our work from our ministry. They were both one and the same.

Motivated by love and compassion for others, we both agreed it was time to expand our outreach capabilities  by leveraging our collective gifts. With a greater sense of commitment and purpose to serve the underserved, my wife and I formed a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization: Prosper and Be In Health, Inc. (PBIH). Our biblical reference point was 3 John 1:2 (NKJV), “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”.

When we first started working in Haiti, there were only about 250,000 people living in the Northwest region. With a population of over 10 million people on the island, millions of people were living and crowding into the capital city of Port-au-Prince. I soon realized that we had taken many things for granted living in the United States. In Haiti millions of people were living in congested areas without running water, sewer systems, weekly garbage pick-up, and with substandard food, water, and housing. It was difficult and disheartening to see sick, hungry children and mothers living on the streets without any apparent support.

After the 2010 earthquake, the population in Northwestern Haiti tripled to over 750,000 people. Still today, the Northwest region of Haiti is without major industries, jobs, hospitals, or a university. Yet, things are changing because there is hope. The Haitian people have a powerful history of perseverance and in overcoming major adversities and atrocities. They were the first enslaved nation in the western hemisphere to successfully revolt and receive their freedom. They are a multi-lingual, intelligent, industrious people with a tremendous sense of dignity and pride. They have a  strong desire to obtain self-sufficiency without the endless cycle of poverty and charity that is often void of opportunities for self-sufficiency, long-term sustainability, and self-determination.

Various types of collaboration and partnerships are key elements to eradicating poverty in Haiti. Over the years, PBIH has successfully partnered in various projects to provide hope and prosperity to people and families in underserved communities. PBIH recently partnered with Living Waters Ministries on the planning and development of the first new Secondary School in the city of Anse Rouge, Haiti. Phase I of the project was successfully completed on time and on budget. With this insight we are extremely optimistic about our team, focus and the projects that are already transforming Northwestern Haiti. However, we are still challenged with the fact that not one of the 31 schools in the region have a permanent source of electricity or water. We still have a tremendous amount of work to do to complete both Phase II and III of the ARC School project and this is why PBIH absolutely needs your prayers, financial support, project collaborations and partnerships.

PBIH’s focus is to provide green solar energy, and super Wi-Fi (TVWS) internet service technology to the schools and medical clinic in the region. We will continue to concentrate on the overall health and well-being (mind, body, and spirit) of all of our 4,700 students, while ensuring that they receive at least one meal each school day.

We are prospering one student, one school, and one village at a time. Together, with your continued prayers and financial support, we are providing hope and transforming students into “World Class Leaders”.