Most people recognize that there are countries all over the world that are in need of help. Whether they need help with education or even just basic healthcare needs, there are hundreds of countries, families, men, women, and children who don’t have access to schools, hospitals, or even water. But for many, they simply don’t have the means to make a financial donation. At PHIB, our Haiti non-profit organization is passionate about helping the Northwestern communities of Haiti (difficult to reach and often times the most impoverished villages in all of Haiti). If you want to help, but are unable to donate money, here are some other methods of helping.

Haiti Non-ProfitTime

Nothing says you care more than when you donate your time or by joining us on a pre-scheduled mission trip. Volunteering not only gives you a chance to offer hands-on help, but will give you an opportunity to see the difference you are making with your own eyes.


What many of Haiti’s schools need most is updated textbooks, and access to broadband and green solar energy technology along with other school supplies. Make a difference in their education and their futures by providing educational goods. You can also donate  clothing, laptops and access to online educational curriculum.

Make Something

If you’re crafty and have the time, make something that you can donate! Children around the world can benefit from clothing, toys, or other handmade items.

Charity Credit Cards

If you’re really looking for a way to help financially, but don’t have the funds to donate cash, consider opening a credit card where you can donate your rewards cash. Many credit cards let you earn back one percent of your purchases. As these rewards add up, they can be transferred to a charity or a non-profit organization. Also, when you shop online at, Amazon will give 0.5% of your purchase price to your selected charity.

If you want to help the families and children of Haiti, get in touch with our Haiti non-profit organization today. We want to help communities prosper through continued education, training, and by providing schools, and medical centers with broadband and green solar technology. Together, whether you donate goods, volunteer time, join one of our mission trips, or make a financial contribution, we are making a difference in Haiti.