The new ARC School

During Prosper and Be In Health, Inc., (PBIH) ministry work in northwest Haiti, we discovered that our Anse Rouge Haitian students had been attending classes in a very dangerous condemned school building, severely damaged during the 2010 earthquake. What we also sadly discovered was that the majority of students in Northwest Haiti only attained a 6th-grade education, primarily because there are no secondary schools (7th-13th Grade) in the region. Understanding the need, along with an invitation to help from “Living Waters Ministries”, PBIH decided it was time for transformation. PBIH became actively involved seeking a solution and decided to reach out to a third nonprofit, “Food For The Poor” (FTP), for assistance to receive fundraising and school construction management support.

The new ARC School
Anse Rouge Christian Secondary School (ARC)

We must thank FTP and its wonderful donors for raising enough money to complete construction of a new secondary school of hope in Anse Rouge, Haiti (Phase I). Our new school is called the Anse Rouge Christian Secondary School (ARC). This transformation has resulted in our youth not only have an opportunity to attend and graduate from high school but also college. A few weeks ago we handed out 400 bibles (200 in French & 200 in Creole) to our students who were delighted to receive them during their first week of classes.

Now that construction of the secondary school is complete, we are continuing our fundraising efforts to systematically complete and finalize Phase I of the secondary school project by providing, permanent electricity (Green Solar Energy), a second water cistern, and broadband Internet services.

ARC School Outdoor Tent

Unfortunately, our primary school students are still currently attending classes in an outdoor tent. So your help is needed, and together our work is not yet complete.

Phase II of our fundraising efforts will consist of building a new permanent structure for our primary students, followed by a new technology & vocational center. We will “Bridge the Digital Divide” in Northwest Haiti. The absolute impact that education, coupled with online educational curriculum & technology will have on “Haiti’s Future Leaders”,  is currently beyond measure. Upon the installation of the ARC school’s broadband service model (Super Wi-Fi, TVWS), we will continue to develop online educational training opportunities for our Haitian students in conjunction with major US corporations and educational institutions, as previously planned.

We are thankful for this opportunity to serve and realize that together, we are literally raising up World Class Leaders. Thank you for all of your continued prayers, encouragement, donations and special project partnerships.